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Alex McIntyre 
Rock Climbing / Sport, Bouldering, Competition
With hair as untamable as his ear-to-ear grin, Mad Rock team member Alex McIntyre bases himself from Tucson, Arizona enjoying a true dirtbag lifestyle with a passion for climbing and photography that calls him outdoors to the limestone mountains of his backyard.
Chris Kalman 
Rock Climbing / Sport, Traditional, Alpine
Chris Kalman is a well-known author, with articles published in magazines such as Alpinist, Ascent, Climbing, Rock and Ice, and the UK-based Climb. He is also a regular contributor to the American Alpine Journal for his many first ascents at home and abroad. Kalman is a traditional-style climber who shares his life's experiences through climbing, writing, and development. You can follow his work at his popular climbing blog,
Chris Nance 
Rock Climbing / Alpine, Ice
Father. Expedition climber. Gear designer. Chris Nance is an experienced-toughened alpine climber and traveler. Nance has measured the height of the largest mountain in Myanmar, guided groups in Peru, fallen in a crevasse during his exploration in the fringes of Antarctica, and shared his skills in the industry through high-performance outdoor gear design.
Christopher Miller 
Rock Climbing / Sport, Traditional
Christopher Miller has an insatiable thirst for far destinations, and surprises us with his bold experiences adventures abroad in places such as China's beautiful Guoliang, the alpine bouldering in Tibetan bouldering paradise Dao Cheng, and cliffs in Australia. He's an all-around climber with a flare for the unique and far, and is always planning new expeditions to develop bouldering, sport, and trad.
Jesse Grupper 
Rock Climbing / Bouldering
TNF's Young Gun Award Winner Jesse Grupper is the USA's next generation in disciplined hard climbing. A Tuft University student, he's set aside time to volunteer at adaptive climbing groups in his community, then surprised the climbing world with a 2nd in the adult national sport climbing competition, followed by another silver in a youth world event in Arco, Italy. There's no limits, especially when you're determined to keep the sport fun for yourself and others.
Joel Unema 
Rock Climbing / Sport, Bouldering
Developer, hard sport first ascencionist, and grassroots community man Joel Unema is a force of nature out of Flagstaff, Arizona, where he teaches, guides, and bolts in his backyard: the Grand Canyon. Unema was part of a team that won the 2013 Live Your Dream Grant to develop and establish up to 5.12d in Venezuela.
Mary Harlan 
Rock Climbing / Sport, Traditional
Mary Harlan is a mother, and all-around unstoppable badass, who juggles multiple jobs outdoors with family life and her personal hard pursuits. Harlan is a firefighter, climbing coach, EMT, mountain guide, and this doesn't stop her from aspiring to send multiple hard trad lines in a day, in good company, with other inspiring women. She's sent hard lines such as the infamously difficult Belly Full of Bad Berries.
Mike Dobie 
Rock Climbing / Traditional
Mike Dobie is an international athlete that has live abroad in China since 2010. Previous to his arrival to China, trad climbing areas did not exist in the country other than the alpine. With a vision to create trad climbing as an opportunity for Chinese and climbers abroad he set out exploring for unclimbed valleys of rock. Starting in Liming, Yunnan, Keketuohai, Xinjiang, and the wild alpine of the Tibetan borderlands these areas became the set pieces for his past years of adventure and climbing development. Today he has claimed over two hundred first ascents throughout the country, has become known as a pioneer in Chinese traditional rock climbing, a guidebook author, and an explorer. His ascents and vision have affected the climbing communities in the country as more Chinese learn traditional climbing and continue to explore for areas similar to his efforts in Liming and Keketuohai. He has also pushed the limits of traditional rock climbing in the country by creating many notable 5.12 and 5.13 test pieces that have yet to be repeated.
Molly Mitchell 
Rock Climbing / Sport, Bouldering, Traditional
Molly Mitchell is 22 years old and currently testing the limits of hard, scary traditional climbing. Molly only began trad climbing in March 2015. Since then, she has achieved multiple First Ascents of hard, scary lines, including “The Spoiled Moose,” 5.13- R, and “Element X,” 5.13a, X. She is inspired by the fear factor in climbing and loves expressing herself through the routes she establishes. She also is a climbing coach, writer, and has a not so hidden talent of yodeling. She plans to spend her life traveling and following her heart in climbing.
Obe Carrion 
Rock Climbing / 
After many years of bouldering and competing in the wildly popular PCA series, and several successful years of coaching, Obe Carrion's higher calling is technical design. Obe's intuitive understanding of the progression of movement in hard bouldering has brought him to Mad Rock's design lab in California, where he's recently designed the RedLine series, launched in 2014. Obe is an incredible addition to the Mad Rock family, and as always, his passion for climbing comes from the heart.
Rafael Passos 
Rock Climbing / Bouldering
One of Brazil's strongest boulderers, Rafael Passos established Brazil's first V14.
Tiffany Hensley 
Rock Climbing / Sport, Bouldering
Team Manager Tiffany Hensley travels and works in the professional climber network. An ex-IFSC World Cup competitor, World Games participant and North American Continental Championship winner, she's grateful for the community that raised her and gives back through work with the Mad Rock Family and at-risk youth climbing project Escalando Fronteras.
Timy Fairfield 
Rock Climbing / Bouldering
In his 30 years of climbing, Timy Fairfield evolved from a strong, disciplined boulderer outdoors and competitor in world cups, to a professional routesetter for even the X-Games, to developing new climbing gym flooring. After those years of witnessing climbing fall injuries, conscious of a lack in research on gym flooring, Timy and Brandi brought safer gym padding to the market and now teach falling technique classes. Today, Timy is now the Co-Founder & President of Futurist Climbing Consultants in Albuquerque, NM.
Tony Reynaldo 
Rock Climbing / Bouldering
Master Shaper Tony Reynaldo has shaped thousands of holds remarkable enough to be distributed internationally through more than a dozen hold companies.When he's not wearing a mask and holding sharp tools, Tony is multi-faceted: he is also a dad, a gym owner, and has taught the class “Creativity: McGyver Style!” Tony's design-driven passion and international influence, surmounted by a loud Italian-like personality, bring to Mad Rock a curious creature full of aesthetic, and wildly functional ideas.
Victoria Gezel 
Rock Climbing / Bouldering
Victoria was first introduced to climbing at the young age of 6 by her brother Brandon. She was instantly hooked and would spend hours after school sharpening her skills in the gym. Within a year she was climbing harder than most adults, earning her the nickname "littlecrusher". Victoria's favorite part of climbing is being outdoors, climbing with her family. One of her goals is to inspire other young girls like herself to get outside and climb! Nowadays she can often be found traveling the country in a self converted camper van with her mom.
Zach Galla 
Rock Climbing / Sport, Bouldering
Zach Galla, 15 year old high school student from Suwanee, Georgia has a passion for climbing that started at the early age of seven. Zach has made the US National Team for sport, bouldering and speed, but his love for the sport goes far beyond competition. He takes every opportunity to go outside to climb the beautiful southern sandstone at world class boulder fields such as Horse Pens 40 and StoneFort, and his favorite part of climbing is the community that surrounds the sport and the friends he has made all over the country. Zach is one of those climbers who grow the sport through good sportsmanship, while inspiring others.


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